Expanded opportunities...

Peak performance...

Breakthrough results!

These phrases are consistently used by clients to describe the results of working with Julaine Flick and PowerStone Communications.

Drawing from her experience as a leader in strategic marketing communications and business development — as well as her work in the development of human potential — Julaine offers clients the opportunity to see a bigger picture, play a superior game, and produce extraordinary results with mastery and ease.

Through PowerStone Communications, Julaine offers cutting-edge training that leverages individual and organizational effectiveness. With an eye on the practical, but producing the remarkable, she’s a rare blend of insight, inspiration and business acumen.

Bottom line . . . it translates into breakthrough performance and results.

The PowerStone Client
PowerStone specializes in working with high-potentials in the corporate arena as well as business owners. Regardless of organization, what unites all PowerStone clients is that they are mental athletes -- the kind of already-successful people that are hungry for that competitive edge. They like to think. They like to be challenged. For them, whether it's life, work or a combination thereof, they're up to playing a bigger game in a way that puts them in the flow. . . smoothly accessing the hidden elements of performance.

If you want to discuss with Julaine taking you (or your team's) potential to performance, click here or call 312.213.4983 for a complimentary conversation where you can explore if this is a path you want to pursue.

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