How To Create – And Achieve – The Life That’s True to You
PowerStone Communication’s Inner Power Retreat is a practical, yet spiritual, retreat in which you’ll get profoundly related to what’s true to You and learn how to take the steps to take to achieve that vision. This 3-day seminar offers a rich combination of powerful transformational learning, time to reflect, and community with five like-minded women in a charming country hideaway. It’s a place of power!

The Inner Power Retreat is for people committed to growth . . . focusing on making the most of your potential, talent, relationships, career, and time. You’ll leave not just with ideas, but with an emerging plan of action and structures that will have you living the life you want.

The Inner Power Retreat is appropriate for both newcomers as well as veterans to personal growth. Either way, you’ll be going to the next level in life.

Out of this retreat you will:

  • Get in touch with what’s really true to You
  • Learn how to access and fully leverage your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Reconnect with yourself, empowered to act on your aspirations and self-expression
  • Reflect, inquire . . . create
  • Gain a new frame of reference for prioritizing your day, your year . . . your life
  • Be empowered to eliminate what you’re doing out of obligation, burden or others' expectations and instead create a life that’s true to you
  • Have a new view on how to strategically – effectively – chart your course
  • Stop waiting for "some day". Break beyond resolutions/hope/good intentions and leave with a practical, accessible vision Simply, but powerfully, transform your life!

What Others Say About the Inner Power Retreat experience...

I now have a new way of viewing the world and applying a

new layer of communications to my business and personal life.

Maureen Costello
Lake Forest, Illinois

Julaine is a coach, a mentor, a teacher, and a friend for the participants in The Inner Power Retreat. Her experience with guiding a group through the process of recognizing, honoring and using their own inner power is amazing. For me, there is much joy in being in a community of women to explore, learn, express and share. The result is the ability to move forward in our chosen world with clarity and energy.


Sharon Surrett
Geneva, Illinois

Julaine is a very powerful woman. She offers an intuitive and empowering approach to designing your life  -- she is truly someone you must know! 


Deb Unterfranz
Plainfield, Illinois

So get in action . . . register for the Inner Power Retreat and have your life go your way. For more information call PowerStone Communications at 312.213.4983 or email

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